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Jesi (Ancona province)

A town in the central Marche: 43°31N, 13°14E. Altitude: 96 m. Population in 2003: 39,200.
A stretch of machicolated medieval brick wall, about 7 meters high and 40 meters long, with arcaded loggias and a small tower. It is a view of part of the fortifications of Jesi in the Marche (central Italy).

Jesi is one of relatively few cities in the Marche to have kept a full circuit of walls. Built in the 13c on the remains of the Roman walls, they were reinforced in the 15c by the Florentine master architect Baccio Pontelli.

Jesi, a quiet farm and commercial center in the floodplain on the left (N) bank of the Esino river 17 km before its mouth on the Adriatic, was once somewhat more important a place, both as the Roman town of Aesis, and in the Middle Ages: now that distances are shorter by the car, its proximity to Ancona (about 25 km by road) will very likely keep it peaceful.

While there are no major sights to delay the beachgoer on his way to the sea, or many tourists to Osimo (29 km) and Loreto (41 km), the town has her share of monuments: the elegant 15c Palazzo della Signoria, several medieval churches, two good museums with a fair amount of good painting but also a collection of Roman artifacts, and the fortifications of which you see a sample above.

A small website should eventually appear here, since I've been to Jesi briefly and taken my usual rolls of photos. Pending the formal website though, you may find it useful to read the 1911 Britannica's article on the town (with an extra photo) and the June 25, 2000 entry of my diary, with 2 more photos; for more complete and detailed information, you should see the sites in the navigation bar at the foot of this page, of course.

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