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An article from the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica, now in the public domain.
Any color photos are mine, © William P. Thayer.

Vol. XX

Osimo (anc. Auximum, q.v.), a town and episcopal see of the Marches, Italy, in the province of Ancona, 10 m. S of that town by rail.​a Pop. (1901) 6404 (town); 18,475 (commune).​b It is situated on the top of a hill 870 ft. above sea-level, whence there is a beautiful view, and it retains a portion of its ancient town wall (2nd century B.C.). The restored cathedral has a portal with sculptures of the 13th century, an old crypt, a fine bronze font of the 16th century and a series of portraits of all the bishops of the see; the town hall contains a number of statues found on the site of the ancient forum and also a few good pictures. The castle (1489) was built by Baccio Pontelli. Silk-spinning and the raising of cocoons are carried on.

Thayer's Notes:

a The station is in fact in the frazione of Osimo Stazione, 5 km E of town. At that point, since you're going to have to walk half the distance anyway, it's simpler and more enjoyable to skip the train altogether, and walk the extra 45 minutes.

b In 2000, the official census figures gave Osimo 29,259 inhabitants.

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