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Cagli (Pesaro province)

A town of the northern Marche: 43°33N 12°38.5E.   Altitude: 360 m   Population (2003): 9000

[image ALT: A large medieval stone tower, of an unusual oval shape. It is the Torrione of Calvi, a town in the Marche (central Italy).]

The 15c Torrione: the "big tower" of Cagli.

Cagli is a regional center on the Via Flaminia between Cantiano (10 km S) and Acqualagna (8 km N).

A proper website will eventually appear here: I've been to Cagli and walked the Flaminia in the area. For now though, you will find it useful to read my diary entries for the summer of 2000: Jul. 27 but mostly Aug. 9, which includes additional photos; for further, more complete information, see the sites linked in the navigation bar at the foot of the page.

As a first couple of steps toward that proper website:

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[ 5/19/01: 1 page, 10 churches, 10 photos ]

Some of Cagli's churches: they're a surprisingly diverse and interesting group for what is after all a pretty remote town in the Apennines. Why does the main door to the church of S. Nicolò prominently feature a dog carrying a pair of candles? What is the real story of St. Gerontius, the goose, and the Via Flaminia? Stay tuned.

Also, a brief article on the town from the 1911 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, from the pen of Thomas Ashby.

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