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Churches of Arezzo

[image ALT: A slightly ogival semicircular space of carved stone showing a man with a halo pouring water over the head of another, with four angels in attendance. It is a tympanum on the Pieve S. Maria in Arezzo, Tuscany (central Italy), and depicts the Baptism of Jesus.]
On the façade of the Pieve S. Maria, the Baptism of Jesus (early 13c).

[image ALT: A vertical screen of stone, elaborately carved with Gothic pinnacles and niches. It is the arca di S. Donato behind the main altar of the cathedral of Arezzo, Tuscany (central Italy).]
Duomo S. Pietro

[image ALT: The upper three stories of a four-story stone building; each story is faced by an arcade on slender columns, the arcade of each story higher comprising more and smaller columns. On the right corner of the building, a square tower rises five more stories. It is the Pieve S. Maria, a church in Arezzo, Tuscany (central Italy).]
Pieve S. Maria

[image ALT: A sort of grass lawn with the 20‑centimeter-high ruins of a small building. It is a view of the ruins of the old cathedral of Arezzo, Tuscany (central Italy).]
The old Duomo

[image ALT: The pentagonal stone apse of a rough stone masonry building, some of which is seen in the background. The apse is of larger blocks of stone than the body of the building, and the upper part of it is a small blind arcades, with two arches for each side of the apse. It is a view of the church of S. Croce in Arezzo, Tuscany (central Italy).]
S. Croce

[image ALT: A tall stone building with an arched and gabled front door, a small rose window above it, and on the right side, an open belfry with two bell-arches, of the type known as a \'campanile a vela\'. It is the church of S. Domenico in Arezzo, Tuscany (central Italy).]
S. Domenico

[image ALT: The stylized head and torso of Christ on the Cross against a diapered background. It is the medieval crucifix over the main altar in the church of S. Francesco in Arezzo, Tuscany (central Italy).]
S. Francesco

[image ALT: Partly obscured by a large and almost spherical tree in leaf, a small two‑story stone church with an open belfry, of the type known as a \' campanile a vela\', on the right side. It is the church of S. Nicolò in Arezzo, Tuscany (central Italy).]
S. Nicolò

[image ALT: A small two‑story stone church with rectangular door and over it a small rectangular window, that is blocked up, however. Over the left front corner, a diminutive open belfry, of the type known as a \' campanile a vela\'. It is the Oratorio del Pionta in Arezzo, Tuscany (central Italy).]
Oratorio del Pionta

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