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Bill Thayer

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Small Corrections

[image ALT: A rectangular stone plaque carved with an hour dial and an analemma showing the curved lines for the 12 zodiacal signs and the inscription, 'AD OPVS NON AD OCIVM', with the incised figure of a bell or plumbline. It is a sundial in Pitigliano in Tuscany (central Italy).]

In the main square of Pitigliano (Tuscany).

If that latitude looks odd, it's because the stonecarver got it wrong the first time:

[image ALT: An inscription carved in stone, reading 'Lat. = 42°38′ Nord, Long. = 11°40′ Est'. It is a detail of a sundial in Pitigliano in Tuscany (central Italy).]

The corrected coördinates are right, to within a minute. (On the other hand, that motto should read AD OPUS NON AD OTIUM: "To work, not to ease".)

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Page updated: 13 May 02