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The Roman City of Assisium

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The west, or hillside, wall of the Roman amphitheater.

[image ALT: a well-preserved Roman temple with a pediment and a fluted colonnade]

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The center of Assisi is the Piazza del Comune; and where other Italian towns often have beautiful medieval halls, Assisium has the Temple of Minerva.

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Assisium was important enough to have a fairly large amphitheatre: it's not quite what you'd expect, but it's the real thing, even if there's a restaurant and a large garden inside it.

[image ALT: a large medieval church]

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The Duomo of S. Rufino preserves Roman remains of its own: a Roman cistern, a chunk of the sarcophagus of St. Rufinus, the first bishop and now patron saint of the town, martyred in 239; Roman inscriptions, etc.

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Pretty minor, and about 5 km out of town, but still within the comune and still Roman, the Roman tomb of Castelnuovo.

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