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Wayside Shrines of Bevagna
A Sampler of Edicole in the Nearby Countryside

[image ALT: A thin trilobated Latin cross, of wood, in a small plastered niche, with a vase of flowers beneath it. It is a detail of a wayside shrine in Pilone di Bevagna, Umbria (central Italy).]

Not all edicole are madonnas.
This cross at Pilone commemorates the execution of a priest.

[image ALT: A painting of a seated woman reading a book, greeted by an angel raising his left arm over his head. It is a detail of a 17c fresco of the Annunciation at Cantalupo, Umbria (central Italy).]

12/28/06 — 3 photos

[image ALT: A painting of an angel\'s head; behind him his fine many-feathered upraised wings. It is a detail of the 15c fresco in the Madonna del Cuore, a wayside shrine depicting the Virgin Mary, near Bevagna, Umbria (central Italy).]
Colle Poppo

3/3/07 — 3 photos

[image ALT: Part of an inscribed stone plaque. It is a detail of an inscription on a wayside shrine in Pilone di Bevagna, Umbria (central Italy); the full text is transcribed and translated on the linked page.]

3/3/07 — 1 photo

The frequent visitor to my site has heard me say it often: what I show you is the merest hint of the riches to be seen in this particular pocket of Italy. And so it is here: if you are interested in these little shrines in the territory of Bevagna, 95 of them in that comune alone have been inventoried, photographed and commented by the good people at the Edicole Sacre project linked in the navigation bar below.

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