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The Forgotten Side

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The apse of a church often provides the best clue to its plan. Here we see the short transept much better than we did inside the church, and the fortress-like belfry, very likely doubling as a watch-tower in this mountainous area, explains the interior dome.

There's not much to say about this, except my usual reminder: when you've looked at the front of a church, walk around it; don't miss the back. Here, for example, the front gave us no clue.

The tip is good for any monument of course, but churches especially can reserve their best features for the visitor who quietly does her rounds before rushing off to the next place.

If in the course of walking around your church, you happen to see a Roman column base or something, that's fine too.

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The pen measures 14 cm: this was a big column. I wonder where it came from.

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