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S. Maria di Ponte

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Apart from the rose and the apse (not seen here, of course) the church looks rather austere at first.

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The exterior of this 12c abbey church — some put it just over the new century in 1201 — is one of the gems of Umbria. When you've looked at the front, you should look at the back, too.

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Having seen the outside of this church, we might be tempted to pack up and leave (I watched one couple do exactly that, and still find it disturbing — see my diary); now most of the time that's a mistake, but here it would be a mistake in spades! The interior of S. Maria, in addition to being quite beautiful, has at least three very unusual artworks: in many years of visiting medieval churches, two of them I've never seen anything like anywhere else. Plus all the 'usual' frescoes of course.

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