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A town of east central Umbria — a frazione of Cerreto di Spoleto — 42°48N, 12°54.5E. Altitude: 441 m

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Ponte from the road to Rocchetta; we're looking W at M. Pianciano, 1200 m.

Ponte simply means "bridge"; and sure enough, this little town, about 1½ km from its parent township of Cerreto di Spoleto, is the first place where you can cross a bridge as you come out of the hills toward Rocchetta and Poggiodomo. The river is the Nera — the Nar of Antiquity, and the axis of Umbria's favorite green area, the Valnerina.

Though now insignificant, the town was once an important defensive outpost belonging to the counts of Celano, who, as they did elsewhere in central Italy, built a fortress here; as far as I've been able to find out, the fortress has utterly vanished.

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This being Umbria, I wouldn't be surprised to hear there were many other things to see in this small village of probably fewer than 200 souls; but we'll do like every other visitor, and head for the great Romanesque abbey church whose rose window you see near the center of the picture.

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