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A town in Italy,
at the northern tip of Umbria.
The area has yielded
prehistoric and Roman finds;
the town itself is of unknown antiquity,
dating at least to the 11c.

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Comune of Perugia province; with 2 frazioni: Fighille and Pistrino.


3212 (source: Italian census figures, ISTAT, 2003)

This population figure is for the entire comune. The largest single population center is Pistrino with about 800 inhabitants by my estimate, followed by the paese or upper town of Citerna itself with maybe 600; Fighille and the rural areas account for the rest.


43°29.8′ N, 12°7′ E


The official altitude of the town proper is 480 meters above sea level; the Tiber flows thru the comune at about 290 m above sea level, which is thus the low altitude.

Principal Sights:

Two churches in Citerna proper, S. Francesco and S. Michele Arcangelo; and in Pistrino, the small museum devoted to the works of 20c sculptor Bruno Bartoccini, housed in the church of S. Maria Assunta.

Citerna is about 1.5 km from Monterchi by footpaths (several times as far by road), and within reasonable walking distance of Anghiari: both towns lie across the border in Tuscany.


Citerna is about 12 km SW of S. Giustino, which is the nearest railway station on the line from Terni to Sansepolcro. It is 63 km NW of Perugia, and roughly 220 km N of Rome.

Map References:

125,000: Istituto Geografico Militare (IGM) military staff maps: 131 IV NE
150,000: Kompass: No. 665 Assisi-Camerino (with summary gazetteer of towns on the back of the map)

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