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A town of central Umbria: 42°54.0N, 12°26.1E. Altitude: 469 m. Population in 2003: 2900.

[image ALT: A clump of maybe fifty stone houses with two church belfries sticking up out of it, on a low spur of hill otherwise covered in scrub, olive trees, and cypresses. It is a view of the little town of Collazzone, Umbria (central Italy).]

View from the south.

Collazzone is carefully hidden right smack dab in the center of Umbria, at the NW edge of the Colli Martani, the ridge of hills that forms the backbone of the region. It's a quiet little town — you see almost all of it in the photo above — with no outstanding monuments; its parish church of S. Lorenzo, remarkably large for so small a place, dates to the 19c. A small oratory of S. Michele dates to the 15c; just beyond the walls of the town, a large monastery (confusingly, it too is under the invocation of S. Lorenzo) is a couple of centuries older. Collazzone's discrete fame is primarily owed to Jacopone da Todi, mystic, poet, and thorn in the side of the Roman Curia, who is said to have died in that monastery in 1306.

I've been to Collazzone twice, if briefly each time, and walked a fair amount of the surrounding area, which is gorgeous. That will give me an excuse to go back, continue exploring, and ultimately produce a more detailed site; for now, just:

[image ALT: A woman in a long mantle, seated, holding a baby on her right knee; she is flanked by two angels. It is the central portion of a fresco of the Madonna and Child in the church of the Madonna di Buon Consiglio in Collepepe, Umbria (central Italy).]

[ 1/24/07: 5 churches, 1 page, 6 photos ]

The churches of Collazzone, or at least some of them; photographs.

Pending a fuller website on the area, you may find it useful to read the Sep. 26, 1994 and May 3, 2004 entries of my diary; and for further information, more formally historical and detailed, you should see the websites linked in the navigation bar at the bottom of this page.


Like most of the comuni in Italy, Collazzone includes in its territory some smaller towns and hamlets, of a few hundred inhabitants if that, with a certain administrative identity of their own: as elsewhere in Italy, these are referred to as the frazioni of the comune (singular: frazione, literally a "fraction"): a complete list of them follows. This site has information on some of them: in some cases pretty marginal, but sometimes not, even including one or more photographs. Links are usually to my diary; they may also contain further links — as usual on my site, don't forget to check the navigation bar at the bottom of this page.

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