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Churches of Corciano

[image ALT: The top of a small stone church, showing mostly its open 2‑arched belfry, of the type known as a 'campanile a vela'. It is a night view of the belfry of the ex‑church of S. Cristoforo in Corciano, Umbria (central Italy).]
S. Cristoforo

[image ALT: The upper half of the façade of a large church, built of neat bands of contrasting stone masonry, and pierced by two windows: a smaller lower arched window and above it and almost touching both it and the sloping roof, a much larger round window protected by a regular metal grillwork of triangles. It is a view of the church of S. Francesco in Corciano, Umbria (central Italy).]
S. Francesco

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[image ALT: A high-ceilinged room with at the far end a single painting over an altar; swags of curtain drop from the ceiling and are attached at either side, framing the entire back of the space. It is a view of the interior of the church of S. Maria Assunta in Corciano, Umbria (central Italy); the painting is an Assumption of the Virgin by Perugino.]
S. Maria Assunta

Corciano is not very big, but you should not get the idea that these three churches represent all, or even most, of the old churches in the town and its surrounding territory: there are over a dozen of them. I don't know the area as well as I could, and I haven't seen most of them: this will serve, as well as any, as an excuse to go back to Corciano, which is among one of the most attractive places in Umbria. Anyhow, the most important of the churches missing here are S. Agostino, just out of town to the south, and the profusely frescoed S. Maria del Serraglio.

The outlying churches include S. Croce in Corciano Vecchio, S. Pietro di Taverne, S. Maria in Via, S. Maria della Neve, S. Giuliano at Collelungo, the tiny oratorio of S. Filippo Neri at Villa Baldeschi, a very old stone church at La Trinità on top of an isolated hill, the hermitage of S. Salvatore on Monte Malbo, and the churches of S. Biagio and of S. Paolo at Rentella; the list is not exhaustive.

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