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Costacciaro (Perugia province)

A town of northeastern Umbria: 43°22N, 12°42E. Altitude: 567 m. Population in 2003: 1300.

[image ALT: A narrow street leading to a free-standing medieval 3‑story tower gate, the top story of which has three rectangular bays with bells in them. It is a view of Costacciaro, Umbria (central Italy).]

The medieval gate at the S end of Costacciaro's main street.

Costacciaro is a town on the Via Flaminia in the northeastern corner of Umbria, between Sigillo (3 km to the south) and Scheggia (7 km north). The area is particularly attractive, and includes the Monte Cucco National Park, famous the world over if you are interested in hang-gliding, and locally famous for a nice cave.

Costacciaro is an attractive medieval town with part of its walls, an interesting gate with some very old sculpture in it, and the handsome 14c church of S. Francesco, which has unfortunately been completely scaffolded up every time I was there. The immediate area also boasts a number of Roman remains associated with the Flaminia: chief among them a powerful Roman bridge only partly blown up by the Germans in 1943.

A proper website will eventually appear here, since I have walked the Flaminia thru the town, and did get a good close look at the bridge. It's also a town I especially like and regret that I never seem to manage to spend as much time there as I want. In the meanwhile, you may find it useful to read the entries of my diary for Sept. 23, 1998 • Jul. 18, 2000 • Aug. 16, 2000 — which also include 3 more photos.


Like most of the comuni in Italy, Costacciaro includes in its territory some smaller towns and hamlets, of a few hundred inhabitants if that, with a certain administrative identity of their own: as elsewhere in Italy, these are referred to as the frazioni of the comune (singular: frazione, literally a "fraction"): a complete list of them follows. This site has information on them: in some cases pretty marginal, but sometimes not, even including one or more photographs. Links are usually to my diary; they may also contain further links — as usual on my site, don't forget to check the navigation bar at the bottom of this page.

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