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A Frazione of Foligno

A town of central Umbria — a frazione of Foligno — 42°57.3N, 12°37.7E. Altitude: 201 m

[image ALT: missingALT. It is a street scene in Budino, Umbria (central Italy).]

Farm implements — resting on at least two pieces of 2000‑year‑old Roman travertine.

Budino is a very small hamlet in the comune of Foligno. With maybe eighty inhabitants, and given over to the endless work of farm life, it's not going to be on the foreign tourist's "A" list; and yet — a slow walk thru the village, which sits in the plain of the Topino River just a few hundred meters from the ancient Via Flaminia, the great Umbrian highway of Roman times, and you'll see more ancient Roman stone than in many towns with proud pedigrees fairly bristling with antiquity: big blocks of travertine, that workhorse of Roman construction, but also sarcophagi and, very likely, other stuff that I haven't seen so far; I bet a careful survey of the town would even bag you an inscription or two.

Despite two visits so far, I've done no such thorough investigation, though; what you'll see on these pages is still somewhat on the surface, so to speak.

[image ALT: Budino (central Italy).]

The parish church is surprisingly large for so small a place; damaged by the Umbrian earthquake on Sept. 26, 1997, it has been unvisitable on each of my passes thru town so far, but three will probably be the charm: next trip. . . .

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[image ALT: The church of S. Angelo del Rosario near Budino (central Italy).]

The former monastic church of S. Angelo del Rosario is older — in fact, a fair amount of it is much, much older: great hulks of Roman stone, with an 18c inscription attesting that Pope Pius VI felt it worthwhile to repair. An object lesson, also, in keeping your eyes peeled as you whiz by in a car, since this is what it looks like as you come from the highway:

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[image ALT: The church of S. Angelo del Rosario near Budino (central Italy).]

(For a more informal look at the raw material of these pages, with information that can be useful to anyone walking or driving the area, see the Oct. 15, 1997 and Sep. 17, 1998 entries of my diary.)

[image ALT: missingALT. It is a farmhouse in Budino, Umbria (central Italy).]

A typical farmhouse just south of the village.

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