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The Church of S. Giovanni Profiamma

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This general view of the church shows the layout pretty well: a single nave, a raised choir forming a crypt below; the prominent ciborium over the main altar. It also shows the results of the Colfiorito earthquakes of 1997, in which the church suffered some damage, fortunately slight. The church furniture has been moved and carpenters have started work on temporary support structures and partitions; and in the midst of this, yours truly shows up with his camera.

The most interesting feature of this church is the intricately carved ciborium over the main altar, apparently a 19c copy of an 8c or 9c original elsewhere in Umbria.

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The exterior of the church has an attractive façade with an elegant rose window and a door of polychrome marble bracketed by interesting sculpture. The piece of which you see a detail here is signed: I didn't notice it until I was writing this page.

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[image ALT: A vaulted space supported on columns.]

Beneath the raised choir, a rather simple crypt — until you look at the carving on the supporting columns.

[image ALT: A carved peacock and some geometric rosettes in low relief.]

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