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The Comune of Foligno

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The church of S. Domenico in Foligno city:

a solitary lion crouches in the acanthus foliage of the west door. He has no mate on the other side; this medieval interpretation of the Corinthian order, asymmetrical and anecdotic, is utterly alien to the original Greek idea.

[image ALT: Decaying houses along a narrow canal. It is a typical scene in the downtown area of the Italian town of Foligno (Umbria).]

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The actual town of Foligno is an important railway center with a decayed medieval core surrounded by leafy boulevards. There are some beautiful buildings here, but American bombs in World War II, then the Umbrian earthquake of 1997, have made life difficult.

[image ALT: What appears to be a damaged bathtub. It is a Roman sarcophagus in the Italian town of Fiamenga near Foligno (Umbria).]

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Fiamenga is a nearby frazione along the ancient Via Flaminia: large tomb structures, Roman sarcophagi, ruler-straight lines and its very name betray its origins.

[image ALT: A ponderous grey stone farmhouse. It is in fact the medieval abbey of Sant' Angelo del Rosario, a Benedictine foundation in the Italian town of Budino near Foligno (Umbria).]

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Búdino is an even remoter frazione with more Roman stone; here for example you see a wall of it incorporated into the ruined abbey church of S. Angelo del Rosario.

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Now you can hardly tell from this picture, but the church of S. Giovanni Profiamma is one of the splendid Romanesque buildings in Umbria. Oh, and this water faucet is a Roman tombstone or altar. . .

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