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A Frazione of Fossato di Vico

A town in NE Umbria, a frazione of Fossato di Vico: 43°17.6N, 12°43.9E. Altitude: 446 m. Population in 2001: 142.

[image ALT: A clump of some four two- or three‑story houses around a gravel or dirt clearing: two of the houses are of mid‑20c construction and stuccoed, one is older and partly stuccoed, and the one closest to the camera, to the right, only the first two stories of which are visible, is unstuccoed, of mixed irregular stone and brick. It is a view of the village of Colbassano in the comune of Fossato di Vico, Umbria (central Italy).]

Colbassano is a very small village, a frazione of the comune of Fossato di Vico. I walked thru it one day in the summer of 2000: the houses haven't changed much, probably, but the main street won't be what you see above; they were tearing it up to fix the sewers, my bad luck. I don't remember seeing a church in the village, but then Fossato is only 2 km away; in case you're wondering, we're looking west, Fossato is behind you, and this main street is a road that continues on in the generally westward direction of Gubbio, about 20 km.

I'm obviously no expert on this little place, but there may be no other photographs of Colbassano online, and that explains the page: someone may find it useful.

[image ALT: A clump of about forty small houses on a low ridge in the middle of a valley — plowed fields bounded by tree-lined roads or paths — and in the background by a range of tall forested hills. It is a view of the village of Colbassano from the nearby town of Fossato di Vico, Umbria (central Italy).]

Colbassano as seen from the house where I lived in the summer of 2000. The old core of the village sits under the barely visible red crane; a "tail" of modern houses extends east toward us, back along the road up to Fossato.

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