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San Pellegrino
A Frazione of Gualdo Tadino

A town in NE Umbria, a frazione of Gualdo Tadino: 43°15.9N, 12°44.3E. Altitude: 490 m. Population in 2001: 319.

[image ALT: A clump of some four two- or three‑story houses around a gravel or dirt clearing: two of the houses are of mid‑20c construction and stuccoed, one is older and partly stuccoed, and the one closest to the camera, to the right, only the first two stories of which are visible, is unstuccoed, of mixed irregular stone and brick. It is a view of the village of S. Pellegrino in the comune of Gualdo Tadino, Umbria (central Italy).]

The little side street you see above is somewhat misleading: in my one visit of S. Pellegrino in the summer of 2000, the village, though small, gave me a feeling of liveliness and prosperity and I was grateful for a good caffé right on the busy main square, a place from which to watch the life of the town with a cold drink on a very hot day.

[image ALT: A wheat field with a tall block of buildings behind it, out of which two belfries protrude. It is a view of two of the churches of Cannara, Umbria (central Italy).]

[ 5/27/09: 2 pages, 3 churches, 4 photos ]

Both the churches, Madonna delle Grazie and S. Pellegrino after which the town is named, were closed, unfortunately; my little placeholder page collects some photographs, and further information about some of the town's other churches past and present.

[image ALT: A clump of about forty small houses on a low ridge in the middle of a valley — plowed fields bounded by tree-lined roads or paths — and in the background by a range of tall forested hills. It is a view of the village of S. Pellegrino from the nearby town of Gualdo Tadino, Umbria (central Italy).]

Looking SSW onto S. Pellegrino in a telephoto view from the house where I lived in the summer of 2000. The old core of the village hugs the hill of Monte Camera; the "tail" of modern houses stretching to the left tells us where the center of the township is: it extends toward Gualdo, of course, 5 km SE.

Postscript: Other Places by the same Name

There are many places in Italy called San Pellegrino, many of them owing their name to a similar story of a stranded medieval pilgrim. If you merely landed on this page on the vagaries of a search engine, and what you've just read doesn't match the place you're looking for, this is probably not it and you need to narrow its location down a bit better.

In Umbria alone, I know of at least three; the others are a frazione of Norcia, and a place near Narni, both south of here; differentiated in the standard way as S. Pellegrino di Norcia and S. Pellegrino di Narni. There are also churches of S. Pellegrino in even more places.

Finally, Umbria is just one of twenty Italian regions; four full-fledged townships by the name are found: two in Tuscany, in Firenze and Pistoia provinces; and two each in Emilia-Romagna, in Reggio Emilia and Modena provinces. The place where the water is bottled may also be the one you're looking for — S. Pellegrino Terme in Bergamo province, Lombardy: but these five are just the larger ones, so do your research!

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