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Raggio (Perugia province)

A village of central Umbria: 42°45.5N, 12°31.5E. Altitude: 292 m. Population in 2001: 49.

[image ALT: A one-line asphalted road with no traffic, heading toward the left background; on the left it seems to be bounded by a high wall, and on the right, which is clearly seen, several small farmhouses, and in the foreground, a low sloping wall. It is a view of Raggio, Umbria (central Italy).]

Southward by lengthening shadows along the road thru Raggio.

Raggio is a very small place strung along a single narrow street in the comune of Massa Martana, due south of that town by about 2 km: what you see above is a good bit of it.

[image ALT: A free-standing house-shaped structure about 1 meter tall, consisting of an arched niche and a symmetrical sloping tile roof; the sides of the structure slope about 10° in towards the top. The niche protects a small rectangular tile depiction of the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus. A lamp hangs above it from the vault of the niche, and two others one on either side of the plaque. On the narrow ledge forming the bottom of the niche, two votive lamps and two vases of fresh flowers. It is a wayside shrine at Raggio, near Massa Martana, Umbria (central Italy).]

An edicola, or wayside shrine, marks the center of the hamlet. As often in Italy, the image is that of the Virgin Mary; and this one is typical of Umbria as well: a plaque of the majolica-like ceramic made in Deruta.

A brief account of my one and only brush with Raggio and the timorous denizens thereof may be got from my diary, Oct. 26, 1994; a walk that netted us the photos you see here.

[image ALT: A decaying two-story farmhouse, possibly abandoned, by the side of a single-lane asphalted road. It is a street scene in Raggio, a hamlet near Massa Martana, Umbria (central Italy).]

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