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Cortigno (Perugia province)

A town of eastern Umbria, a frazione of Norcia: 42°48.0N, 12°58E. Altitude: 1159 m. Population in 2003: 21.

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On the southern edge of the town, a Marian shrine.

Cortigno is a very small and rather remote village — the origin of the placename appears to be a Lombard word meaning "farmstead" — on the upper slopes of the mountains separating the Valnerina from Norcia. As the crow flies, the nearest other little town is Triponzo, in the comune of Cerreto di Spoleto; but the lone paved road, which ends here in fact, leads in almost the opposite direction, 20km E, thru Forsivo and Legogne to Norcia, of which Cortigno is a frazione.

[image ALT: missingALT portico. It is a view of the church of S. Michele Arcangelo in Cortigno, Umbria (central Italy).]

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Remote as it is, Cortigno has two churches: if S. Maria appears somewhat ruined, the main church, S. Michele Arcangelo, is in good shape and of definite interest, with beautiful medieval frescoes under its portico, bits of Roman stone, inscriptions, 16c or 17c paintings . . . in sum, everything that you expect from an Italian church.

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