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Small, Discreet, and Very Old

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A church has stood here since the 4c.

This little church is unfortunately almost always closed, and I have not seen the interior, which is among the many sights of Norcia that I hope to take in on my next pass thru the town, so very rich in beautiful and interesting things.

The photo caption above, by the way, shouldn't be taken to mean that we're looking at a monument from Late Antiquity: just that this site has been occupied by a church continuously since then. The fabric of the building looks late medieval to me — I have no specific information at hand — and the door is very definitely 16c, or maybe 17c if we allow for the slow adoption of architectural styles in remoter parts of the country. The belfry could date to any period from the 16c on; given the town's earthquake history, it probably dates to the early 18c. 
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