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A Frazione of Poggiodomo

A town of SE Umbria, a frazione of Poggiodomo: 42°44.2N, 12°56E. Altitude: 778 m. Population in 2001: 34.

[image ALT: A more or less star-shaped village, clinging to a wooded hill, of some three dozen mostly two-story houses in three arms, surrounded by higher hills, wooded and uninhabited. It is a view of the village of Roccatamburo in the comune of Poggiodomo, Umbria (central Italy).]

Roccatamburo is a very small village, a frazione of the comune of Poggiodomo. This is as close as I've got to it so far; I took both photos on this page from the road between Poggiodomo and Rocchetta, which tracks the Tissino river several hundred meters below; some context is provided by my diary entry of May 12, 2004. At any rate, I've been able to find rather few photographs of Roccatamburo online (the best of the town are probably here; see also the church of S. Nicola at I luoghi del silenzio), and that explains this little page: someone may find it useful. Neither of the villages are as populated as they look, by the way, since the 2003 census figures give them both together, with Poggiodomo and Usigni too, a total of 165 inhabitants; many of these houses must be vacant.

[image ALT: A village of some three dozen two-story houses clinging to a wooded hill, a bit below the summit. Behind it, on a taller hill, a second similar village. It is a view of the villages of Roccatamburo and Mucciafora in the comune of Poggiodomo, Umbria (central Italy).]

Roccatamburo is in the foreground, with its access road from the valley. On the hill in the background, the sister frazione of Mucciafora, one of the highest villages in Umbria. The cluster of houses at the bottom is a farm not much higher than the Tissino River. You are facing due north.

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