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A Beautiful Example
of Umbrian Romanesque

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This is to my mind the most representative church of Spello.

[image ALT: A view of this medium-sized church from behind and above: a gently pitched stone roof and a small open belfry, nestled in mostly pine trees.]

[ 5/3/98: 3 photos ]

This site will include a survey of the outside of the building. For now though, you can already see the belfry, the rose, and one of the lancet windows: click on them in the image above to open large detail photos in a separate window.

[image ALT: The high wooden-trussed arched ceiling of the church.]

[ 5/27/98: 4 pages, 9 photos ]

Inside S. Claudio you've got frescoes, Roman inscriptions, attractive stonework, you name it: about half of it is online now.

[image ALT: Some stone of the outside walls of the church.]

[ 5/27/98: 1 page, 7 photos ]

Of some interest is the very basic question: where did the stone come from that was used to build S. Claudio? Some say the débris of the nearby Roman amphitheatre, but I don't believe it. Here's some of the evidence. What do you think?

[image ALT: A fresco of a haloed saint in a cape with elegant buttons.]

[ 6 pages, 4 photos ]

Who was Saint Claudius?

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