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Churches of Spello

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The three most prominent churches of the upper town, as seen from the plain to the E:
S. Maria Maggiore, S. Andrea and S. Lorenzo.

[image ALT: detail from a fresco of St. Michael]
S. Biagio

3 pages, 13 photos

[image ALT: detail from a fresco of St. Michael]
S. Claudio

12 pages, 24 photos

[image ALT: an elegant 13th‑century sculptured stone door]
S. Maria Maggiore

2 pages, 4 photos

[image ALT: A frescoed sun: the oculus at the center of the vault.]
The Cappella Tega

1 page, 4 photos

S. Andrea

[image ALT: The pediment of a 17th‑century stone church at sunset. It is a view of the church of S. Angelo in Spello, Umbria (central Italy).]
S. Angelo

[image ALT: the cluttered interior of a country church]
S. Anna

[image ALT: a little belfry with a very small weathervane]
S. Antonio

[image ALT: the door of an old stone building with a motorcycle parked in front of it]
S. Barbara

[image ALT: an arched door of plain brick]
S. Francesco

[image ALT: missingALT]
S. Giovanni Battista

1 page, 3 photos

[image ALT: A wooden relief of a skull: it is a detail from an inside door of the church of S. Gregorio Magno in Spello, Umbria (central Italy).]
S. Gregorio Magno

[image ALT: missingALT. It is a view of the church of S. Lorenzo in Spello, Umbria (central Italy).]
S. Lorenzo

S. Maria Maddalena

[image ALT: detail of a rather dingy 16th‑century oil painting of the Crucifixion, in need of cleaning and restoration]
S. Maria della Misericordia

[image ALT: an 18th‑century belfry]
S. Maria in Vallegloria

[image ALT: The gable of a stone church with a double lancet window: it is part of the church of S. Martino, in Spello, Umbria (central Italy).]
S. Martino

[image ALT: tracery rose window]
S. Severino

[image ALT: late 12th‑century fresco of the Madonna suckling the Baby Jesus]
S. Ventura

Outlying Churches

[image ALT: A trefoil-shaped church (<I>i.e.</I>, with three rounded apses) in a field. It is the Chiesa Tonda, in Spello, Umbria (central Italy).]
Chiesa Tonda

[image ALT: missingALT]

2/15/07 — 3 churches:
6 pages, 20 photos

[image ALT: missingALT]
S. Fedele/S. Felice

[image ALT: missingALT]
S. Girolamo

[image ALT: A rectangular stone building in a field. It is the church of S. Maria del Mausoleo; it is near Spello, Umbria (central Italy).]
S. Maria del Mausoleo

[image ALT: A rectangular stone building in a field. It is probably the former church of S. Pietro in Paterno; it is near Spello, Umbria (central Italy).]
S. Pietro in Paterno ??

[image ALT: a ruined Romanesque church, missing its roof and overgrown with ivy but otherwise in good shape, in a field]
SS. Trinità

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