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The Gates of Spello

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The lower portion, seen here, of Spello's main gate, the Porta Consolare, is Roman.

The upper part and the tower are medieval: a paradigm pretty much of both the walls and the city itself.

[image ALT: The lower portion of Spello's main gate, the Porta Consolare: a large central arch flanked by two smaller arches.]

Of the Roman gates of Hispellum, six remain in various conditions: of which two are rather spectacular, two are quiet solid chunks of Romanitas and two get the label by courtesy. . . Still, that's not bad for a town of 8000 inhabitants.
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The medieval gates are of simpler construction: Spello was far less important in the Middle Ages than in Roman times. Medieval gates are also much more common, any self-respecting town in this part of the world having at least one or two. Spello has six of those, too.
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