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A village of central Umbria, a frazione of Todi: 42°46.9N, 12°22.6E. Altitude: 150 m. Population in 2001: 105.

[image ALT: A compact, almost round, village of old houses on the lower slopes of a densely forested hill; on a second set of hills in the background, a town with a steepled church at its summit and a domed church prominently visible to the right at a slight distance. It is the town of Pontecuti, and in the background the city of Todi, Umbria (central Italy).]

View from the W across the Tiber.

Pontecuti is in the foreground, Todi on the farther, saddleback hill, with the church of S. Maria della Consolazione prominently marking the edge of the town on the right.

[image ALT: A 7‑arched brick and stone bridge across a just barely seen river in a hilly landscape. It is the 17c bridge of Pontecuti (near Todi, in central Umbria).]

The 17th‑century bridge,
rebuilt after its destruction in World War II.

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