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Renaissance Art in a Beautiful Natural Setting

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San Martino seen from the S, just outside Trevi: it's on the next spur of hill over.

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	If you should ever be in Trevi when the weather is good, ambling over to the 15c convent of S. Martino makes a perfect walk; and in fact, it's what many people in Trevi do on nice summer evenings, the passeggiata par excellence. The little road eventually heads off into remote mountains: you'll be passed by a car or two, if that. Girdling the hill to your right, the road is fairly level — but gives you terrific views westwards over the Valle Umbra below. The mountain air is good, scented more or less strongly of olive trees depending on the season: and the distance is only about a kilometer.

There is much more to this church than I can show you, including a 9c tombstone (I'm kicking myself for not having seen that one), so you will have to go to Trevi and see for yourself. Still, by clicking on the main door of the church, to your left here, you can see a much larger view of the tympanum and a few words about the artist, Tiberio d' Assisi; similarly, from my shot of the interior, below, you can zoom in on 3 items, including the rather good paintings by Mezzastris (late 15c). Both painters were local men.

[image ALT: The interior of a medium-sized church, looking towards the altar. A lot of rather heavy, dark 18th‑century woodwork, but some paintings and altars are of interest. It is the interior of the church of S. Martino, in Trevi (Umbria).]

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