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A Roman inscription in the church of S. Pietro a Pettine
(possibly unpublished)

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This inscription is almost certainly of no great interest, and, furthermore, is both fragmentary and of very uncertain reading. Apparently, however, I seem to be the first person to have noticed it (see diary) and it is probably therefore not reported anywhere else for the moment. After railing at others who for years on end fail to report things, I can hardly withhold my own little finds, so here you have it.

It appears to be a simple funerary inscription; from the style of the lettering as far as can be made out, probably of the 2c or 3c A.D.

Epigraphy buffs may look at this further page with 4 computer-manipulated versions of the same photo (rotated 90°) that might help in deciphering the inscription.

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The north wall of the church; the inscription can be seen as one of the stones used to block up the former door. This in itself is interesting: a Roman inscription was still lying around loose in the area in the late Middle Ages.

The man in my photo is Franco Spellani, the historian of the Associazione Pro Trevi who gave me a day of his time to tour me thru some of the Roman remains of Trevi. (As my sites on Trevi and the Via Flaminia progress, my debt to him will become more apparent.)

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