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Notizie Storiche e Laudi
Compagnia di Disciplinati

di S. Maria Nuova e S. Croce
Terra di Fratta (Umbertide)

This monograph gathers together what we now know of a pious confraternity of flagellants in the area of Umbertide — dating back to the early 14c at least — that operated a hospital in town. In addition to the usual dry ecclesiastical authorizations and various inventories and account books (financial documents that give us a look into life in Umbria in those days), two important texts have survived, if somewhat fragmentary: literary texts witnessing to the confraternity's devotions. The 1496 poem on the Passion of Christ is particularly beautiful.

This edition of Notizie Storiche e Laudi, the only one to have been printed, is also a historical document in terms of the 19c: author Francesco Mavarelli was an alderman of Umbertide; then, despite his youth, mayor of the town (1892‑1898). He was born in 1870 but died at thirty, eleven months after getting married, committing suicide with a firearm. A few months after his death the vocational school he had dreamed of establishing was honored with his name: his memory is preserved today in the Scuola Media Statale Mavarelli-Pascoli.

The Text on this Site

Dedicated by the author

To my wife

the monograph was published in 1899, printed at the Stabilimento Tipografico Tiberino, Umbertide. The text, in the public domain, was republished in 1998 by the Associazione Pro-Loco of Umbertide, and that is the edition given to me by my kind friend Angelo Pedana to remember my stay in Umbertide by: I take pleasure in thanking him here.

For now the text is onsite only in the original Italian. At some point I may translate some or all of it into English — but not yet.


Saggio introduttivo
Inventari e registri
S. Apollonia
Passio Christi del 1496

In the 1998 edition Mavarelli's text, which is reproduced on this site in its entirety, is preceded by a preface from the mayor of Umbertide, a short introduction, and a biographical sketch of the author: that text remains under copyright and I have therefore not reproduced it here.

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