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A chapel in Arrone (TR)

[image ALT: A small two-story rectangular building, probably single-room, with a door and three windows above it, a gently pitched roof and an open single-bell belfry at the back of the type known as a 'campanile a vela'. There is a small square plaque over the door, but it is blank. To the right, a staircase leads down to a soccer field. It is an unidentified chapel in Arrone, Umbria (central Italy).]

This little church sits at the edge of downtown Arrone, where the town's hill drops off to its soccer field. I've been completely unable to find the slightest information about it, not even the saint to whom it is dedicated; either online or in a pretty good collection of books I have on Umbria, some of them very detailed like the Touring Club Italiano guide. The recessed plaque over the door is blank, unfortunately: I suspect it once held a breakable majolica image rather than an inscription. The chapel is just around the corner from Arrone's principal church, the Collegiata S. Maria, a scant 75 meters away: this street view from GoogleMaps shows the relationship.

The present building is clearly no older than the 16c, and very possibly as late as the early 19c: rural Umbria is very conservative, and similar chapels continued to be built in much the same style for centuries. If I had to go out on a limb, this would be a votive chapel, possibly S. Maria della Quercia said to be in this general area of town; the answer is probably to be found in that treasure-trove of Umbrian information, the rare and out-of‑print La Valnerina. Il Nursino. Il Casciano, the rarest of the four volumes of Manuali per il Territorio (1977).

Se sei della zona e/o hai delle informazioni su questa chiesetta, scrivimi per favore!

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