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Baschi (Terni province)

A town of SW Umbria: 42°40.1N, 12°13.0E. Altitude: 165 m. Population in 2003: 2700.

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A view of Baschi from the south.

Baschi is a compact clump of houses on a hill a few hundred meters west of the superhighway from Florence to Rome that at this point and for some while south follows the valley of the Tiber along the southwestern border of Umbria. It is 11 km southeast of downtown Orvieto, 29 km southwest of Todi, and the first in a string of small towns ending at Amelia, 33 km to the southeast.

The 16c church of S. Nicolò, whose belfry dominates the town, is of only mild interest, except for a polyptych by Giovanni di Paolo (1440) and a very handsome 17c organ: the town is a quiet sort of place.

Nearby, the town of Corbara has a fairly well-preserved 11c fortress; but the area is mostly known for the artificial lake of the same name, where the Tiber has been dammed as part of a hydroelectric power scheme: sports fishing mostly — I've swum in the river a very few miles away, and it's frigid. . .

A proper website will eventually appear here, since I've been to Baschi, if briefly. In the meanwhile, you might find it marginally useful to read the brief section in the July 23, 2000 entry of my diary, which also has another photograph; for further (and much better) information though, you should see the websites linked in the navigation bar at the bottom of this page.


Like most of the comuni in Italy, Baschi includes in its territory some smaller towns and hamlets, of a few hundred inhabitants if that, with a certain administrative identity of their own: as elsewhere in Italy, these are referred to as the frazioni of the comune (singular: frazione, literally a "fraction"): a complete list of them follows. I haven't been to any of them yet, so any links will be offsite.

Acqualoreto • Civitella del Lago • Collelungo • Morre

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