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A Frazione of Castelviscardo

A town in W Umbria, a frazione of Castelviscardo: 42°46.3N, 12°01.1E. Altitude: 340 m. Population in 2001: 650.

[image ALT: A village, spread over the crest of a gentle hill, with a prominent if rather thin belfry in the group of houses on the left, and vineyards in the foreground. It is a view of Monterubiaglio in the comune of Castelviscardo, Umbria (central Italy).]

A telephoto of the town taken from 3 km to the N.

Monterubiaglio, founded as a defensive outpost of Orvieto, once belonged to the powerful Monaldeschi family, and until 1879 was its own comune: but now it's just another small village, a frazione of the comune of Castelviscardo (3 km SW). It is 10 km NW of Orvieto on the roundabout road the school buses take in the afternoon to bring their students back home to Castelviscardo and Castelgiorgio (10 km SSW): the photo shows just about the whole town. The parish church you see houses a beautiful 16‑17c wooden statue of the Madonna, and the vineyards in the foreground tip you off to the product for which Monterubiaglio is best known, its DOC Orvieto Classico and its vin santo dessert wine.

I've been no closer to Monterubiaglio than this telephoto, taken from the road between Allerona and its train station, so I'm no expert on the place; but take a good look at my photo — you may not find another, which is why I've put this little page online.

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