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Churches of Montecastrilli

Outlying Churches

[image ALT: A distant view of a church in Farnetta, Umbria (central Italy): a stone building and a low steepled belfry poke out of a forested landscape.]

If this page is exceptionally meager, it's because I barely know the township of Montecastrilli: I walked thru it once in a very great hurry many years ago, without knowing what I was doing, and missing the important churches: S. Lorenzo in Nifili (11c, partly constructed out of the remains of a 1c Roman tower tomb) and S. Maria di Ciciliano, both of them about 1 km out of town, and S. Maria Assunta in the frazione of Quadrelli. In addition, Montecastrilli itself has at least three churches of interest: the Romanesque church of S. Bartolomeo, S. Niccolò (the parish church), and S. Chiara, each with their works of art.

The frazione of Farnetta, represented here by a single photo, has at least two old churches: S. Nicolò and S. Angelo. The one I show is S. Nicolò.

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