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The Duomo of Orvieto:
A Placeholder Page

[image ALT: Part of a large, somewhat tentacular building, seen from the side; although obviously a medieval church, with a few ogival lancet windows and simple gables over parts of it, it is essentially undecorated, except that it is entirely constructed of stone in contrasting thin horizontal bands, producing a corduroy-like effect. It is a view of the N side of the cathedral of Orvieto, Umbria (central Italy).]

Odds are, you've seen the façade elsewhere — plus we'll eventually be looking at it in detail: so here, instead, is the North side of the church.

At some point, I keep telling myself, I'll have a proper site on the cathedral; but throwing photos online doesn't hack it, and intelligent text is hard work: so far, laziness and competing projects have been winning out, and you'll find onsite only a very small part of what the Duomo has to offer:

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[ 12/26/02: 12 pages, 12 photos ]

An introduction to some of the sculpture of the façade by Lorenzo Maitani and his team.

By good fortune, though, Dick Schmitt has a splendid site, where gorgeous photos get the excellent text they deserve, in two long webpages: warmly recommended.

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