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Churches of Otricoli

[image ALT: A square stuccoed single-story building with a 30° gabled roof just large enough for its entrance door and the vertical oeil-de‑boeuf windows flanking it one on each side. It is raised off the street level by three steps and an irregular course of stone, which on closer inspection turn out to be of ancient Roman origin. A wooden cross surmounts the door, and a vine from a neighboring tree has sent one branch to grow across the front of the building. It is an the chapel of SS. Crocifisso in Otricoli, Umbria (central Italy).]

Like pretty much every other building in town, this little chapel, the Cappella del SS. Crocifisso, is partly built of Roman stone: plain travertine steps, carved blocks under the windows (detail). You will find it on the via Roma, a hundred meters or so past the gates, on the right side of the road on your way down to Ocriculum.

I have no information on the church other than its name: se sei della zona e/o hai delle informazioni più ampie, sarò lietissimo di sentirti.

[image ALT: An arched stucco recess in the rococo style, containing a fresco of a haloed saint. It is a detail of a niche in the church of S. Giuseppe di Leonessa in Otricoli, Umbria (central Italy).]
S. Giuseppe
di Leonessa

1/6/07 — 1 page, 6 photos

[image ALT: A large hall-like space, two stories tall, the walls built of brick laid in alternating decorative courses and pierced by two wide arched bays on either side. In the background, over a door, an elaborate wooden balcony with a projecting semicircular central portion and a tall pedimented temple-like structure applied to the wall behind it. It is the interior of the church of S. Maria Assunta in Otricoli, Umbria (central Italy).]
S. Maria

4/4/08 — 3 pages, 17 photos

Wayside Shrines

[image ALT: A small statue of the Virgin Mary in a sort of protective glass or plexiglas structure with ogival openings. It is a madonnina in Otricoli, in Umbria (central Italy).]
Piazza Pepe

[image ALT: A detail of a maiolica depiction of what appears to be a man praying. It is a detail of an edicola or wayside shrine in Otricoli, in Umbria (central Italy).]
Via Rosella

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