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Penna in Teverina (Terni province)

A town of S Umbria: 42°29.2N, 12°21E. Altitude: 302 m. Population in 2003: 1100.

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The placid center of town: the piazza S. Valentino and the recently restored church of S. Maria della Neve.

As its name indicates, Penna in Teverina is in the flood plain of the Tiber, or more accurately, and safely, on the top of a windswept ridge over­looking it; it is 7 km southeast of Giove, 10 km northwest of Orte across the border in the Lazio, and 11 km southwest of Amelia. At 36 km2, it is the 2d‑smallest comune of Umbria in terms of surface area.

What monuments the town has are low-key and 15c or later; Penna sort of ignores them, although it is proud of the Palazzo Orsini's attractive Renaissance gate with its rather odd sculptures of the Four Seasons personified, and it parks its cars in the courtyard of another large Renaissance building.

About a mile out of town in the direction of Amelia, yet another pair of monumental Renaissance herms suddenly appear at you by the side of the road: the Mammolochi. Also towards Amelia, remains of at least two Roman villas have come to light, possibly connected with the ancient Via Amerina.

A proper website will eventually appear here, since I've been to Penna in Teverina, if briefly. In the meanwhile, you might find it useful to read the brief section in the July 20, 2000 entry of my diary, with an additional photo; for further (and much better) information, see the websites linked in the navigation bar at the bottom of this page.


Penna is one of the 8 or 9 comuni in Umbria that have no dependent towns with enough of an administrative identity to be a frazione.

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