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Chiesa della Madonna Liberatrice

[image ALT: A two-story stuccoed building with a two-arched open belfry just barely tall enough to jut above the sloping ceramic-tiled roof by about 80 cm. It is the church of the Madonna Liberatrice in S. Venanzo, Umbria (central Italy).]

There are two churches in S. Venanzo: the modern parish church, and the 14c church of the Madonna Liberatrice that we see here. Small, quiet, much reworked and stuccoed so as to be barely distinguishable from the houses next to it in the background, it is easily passed by. Yet this is where the history is, and the oldest art to be seen in town: the 15c fresco of Our Lady of Deliverance over the main altar that gives its name to the church.

Unfortunately, the church was firmly closed when I passed thru. Pending another stay in Umbria, then, here is the door (late 19c or early 20c) — as far as I got:

[image ALT: A small two-leaf wooden door with a central boss on each leaf; on either side a terracotta pilaster comprising eight round medallions; and above it a semicircular matching terracotta tympanum with a central round medallion with a cross in it, surrounded by the four symbolic animals of the gospels. It is the door of the church of the Madonna Liberatrice in S. Venanzo, Umbria (central Italy).]

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