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San Gémini (Terni province)

A town of S Umbria: 42°37.1N, 12°32.6E. Altitude: 336 m. Population in 2003: 4600.

[image ALT: A carved and painted escutcheon of a man riding a horse. It is the coat of arms of San Gemini, Umbria (central Italy), as featured over the door of the town hall there.]

The arms of San Gemini, as seen on the façade of the town hall.

San Gémini (or Sangemini in one word, both are correct) is an attractive hilltown of distinctly medieval appearance, 12 km NW of Terni on the road to Acquasparta. As the Roman town of Casuentum on the Via Flaminia, however, it is much older; and remnants of Roman stone can be seen here and there in town.

Sangémini's medieval churches are well preserved, or carefully restored (which finally amounts to the same), among which S. Francesco; S. Maria de Incertis with its vivid frescoes; the former abbey of S. Nicolò, now private property; and the atmospheric S. Giovanni that owes its odd shape to its original function as a baptistry.

A proper website will eventually appear here, since I've been to San Gémini several times; but in fact, it's one of the places in Umbria I want to go back to and know better since I've always visited it on my way to somewhere else. For now, the comune is represented on this website by some small pages on the beautiful Roman town of Carsulae within comfortable walking distance, and an excellent place for a quiet picnic lunch. For both towns, see the Oct. 13, 1997 and Oct. 25, 1998 entries of my diary.


San Gemini is one of the 8 or 9 comuni in Umbria that have no dependent towns with enough of an administrative identity to be a frazione.

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