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Polenaco (TR)

A town of S central Umbria, in the comune of Terni: 42°39.5N, 12°38.5E. Altitude: 468 m. Population in 2003: 50.

[image ALT: A landscape of tall wooded hills giving way to a valley of mostly cultivated fields. A village of about two dozen houses clings to the side of the hills, in the center, almost in the valley though. It is a view of the valley of the Serra north of Giuncano Scalo, with the village of Polenaco, in the comune of Terni, Umbria (central Italy).]

Looking E over the valley of the Serra: about 15 km offscreen to the right, in the NE approaches to Terni, the creek will flow into the Tescino.

Polenaco is a very small village in the comune of Terni, so small as not even to be a frazione. I took these pictures from Pracchia across the valley of the Serra, 1 km away as the crow flies (although much farther away by road), on a walk from Poggio Lavarino to Portaria many years ago: see my diary, Oct. 13, 1997. The beautiful little church looks medieval — it's flagged for my next trip to Umbria — but in the meantime I have no additional information. As of writing, though, there seem to be no other photographs of Polenaco online, and that explains this little page: someone may find it useful.

[image ALT: A village of about a dozen two- and three-story houses clinging to the side of a hill; a plain stone church in the Gothic style, with a rose window and a belfry, mark its highest point. It is a view of the village of Polenaco in the comune of Terni, Umbria (central Italy).]

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