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Roman Umbria

This is an index to Roman remains in Umbria, including Etruscan and Italic remains. It was first compiled by indexing a number of sources (the most important of which was the Touring Club d'Italia's guide Umbria, referred to here as TCIUMB) and collating the indexes; then, as I've come to know Umbria up close — on foot — I've been adding quite a bit of firsthand information, both new material and corrections.

As thruout my site, by "Umbria" I mean the modern administrative region by that name, which differs significantly from Regio VI Umbria of the Romans. Simply put, the farther north you go in the area, the farther east Roman Umbria was than modern Umbria. Ancient Umbria reached the Adriatic coast in the north, including Ancona and Senigallia (Sena Gallica), both towns excluded on this page; it left in Etruria the entire right bank of the Tiber — including Perugia — which are part of modern Umbria and therefore included here.

The index on this page is organized according to the 92 modern comuni, each one of which, in italics, is linked to its homepage on my site. Within each comune all links are to pages on the Roman town (its ancient name in this color). Vestiges I know of are at least listed, and sometimes linked; conversely all links other than to the comune are specifically to Roman material. Where I say I know of no remains somewhere, that's exactly what I mean: there may be lots, but I'm by no means an expert and just don't know about them.

As of the latest revision of this page (5 Oct 08) there are still rather few links, but I've seen about half of the remains listed and have photographs and other information on about 90% of that half, so if I haven't churned out the webpage yet on some particular item you're interested in, just drop me a line and I'll be glad to help. Similarly with some of my earlier photos, inexpertly scanned: I'm slowly working my way thru my site and rescanning them, but if I haven't got to yours yet, again, that's what God made e‑mail for.

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Index updated: 10 Jun 20