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This page reproduces part of
Indice-Guida dei Monumenti . . . dell' Umbria

Mariano Guardabassi

published by G. Boncompagni & Co.,
Perugia, 1872

The original Italian text is in the public domain.
This English translation, however, and any color photographs are
© William P. Thayer.

This page has been carefully proofread
and I believe it to be free of errors.
If you find a mistake though,
please let me know!

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 p66  S. Elia Reatino

Thayer's Note: S. Elia Reatino, in Rieti province, is today part of the Lazio; but when Guardabassi wrote, and until 1927, it was in Umbria. The little town was once its own comune, thus deserving a separate notice in Guardabassi's scheme; it is now part of the comune of Rieti.

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	Shrine of Fonte Colombo

Before reaching the church we meet with twelve small edicole, each of which depicts an episode of the via Crucis painted in enamel on a terracotta base; the last two of the fourteen Stations of the Cross are set in the wall of the church's atrium; the works are probably products of Gentili's maiolica workshops.

Interior. Main altar: Wooden sculpture — St. Francis; the work of a 17c Franciscan.

Near the convent, a little church with an ancient, primitive altar, and on the R: wall a Fresco. — St. Mary Magdalen raised in a cloud of glory by two Angels; a work of the school of Giotto.

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