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A Sampler of the Veneto

A region of NE Italy: 18,392 square kilometers. 2002 population: 4,530,000. Capital: Venice.
A scene of a narrow street, taken thru a dark archway. It is a view of Chioggia, in the Veneto (Italy).

One of the narrow calli of Chioggia.

The Veneto is a 7‑province region of NE Italy, geographically diverse — from the swamps and lowlands of the Po, the Adige, and other small rivers as they approach the Adriatic, to the high Alps of the Austrian border — but historically unified by its allegiance to its capital Venice.

I'm hardly an expert on the area: I've spent a grand total of not quite two days in the Veneto (see my account of that trip in my diary starting May 17, 2004); but if everyone shared the information we have, the world would be a better place, so here's mine:

[image ALT: A view of the Piazza Garibaldi in Rovigo (Veneto, central Italy).]

[ 2 pages, 2 photos, plus those in my diary ]

The provincial capital of Rovigo is a pleasant open town, in which I once spent most of an afternoon.

[image ALT: A view of the Canale Vena in Chioggia (Veneto, central Italy).]

[ 6/20/12: 6 pages, 14 photos, plus those in my diary ]

The island city of Chioggia — a working fishing port with several canals and the beachfront resort of Sottomarina — is a beautiful place I hope to go back to some day.

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[ 8 pages of print; 4 maps, 5 photos, 2 graphs ]

A journal article published in 1931, The Italian Harbors on the Adriatic Sea, outlines the then current development of the ports of the North Adriatic, principally Venice and Trieste but also Fiume and Chioggia; it's of additional interest for the views of its Austrian author in the years leading up to World War II.

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