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A Little Town in the Canton of Ticino

A town in southern Ticino canton: 45°52N, 8°59E.
Altitude: 367 m. Population in 2004: 7000.

[image ALT: missingALT. It is a street in Mendrisio, a little town in the Ticino (Switzerland).]

Mendrisio is a little town in the very southernmost fringe of Switzerland, in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino, where I found myself almost by accident one day — under cold, damp, foggy weather — for an hour and twenty minutes (see my diary, Jan. 8, 1997). I didn't know where we were going, was unprepared for this little bout of tourism, and my camera, though adequate, was not the best. With all that, it's a wonder I can show you anything at all of Mendrisio, and the pages aren't up to my usual standard.

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[ 2/19/07: 5 churches, 2 pages, 8 photos ]

The churches of Mendrisio: a photosampler, with a bit more in the case of the church of SS. Martino and Rocco about 0.8 km NW of the town. They are what I saw in those eighty minutes.

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