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This webpage reproduces a section of

Survey of Ukrainian Historiography
By Dmytro Doroshenko

published by
The Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences
in the U. S., Inc.,

The text is in the public domain.

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and I believe it to be free of errors.
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 p34  Synodyky or Pomyannyky

Apart from the chronicles and hagiographical writings of various kinds which contain much historical information, it is necessary to mention also the synodyky or pomyannyky, special books including lists of names of princes and prominent citizens, used during church memorial services. Among them the following are the most important:

1) The pomyannyk of the Kiev Pechers'ka Lavra from the end of the fifteenth century and the beginning of the sixteenth century, edited by S. Golubev in Chteniya obshchestva Nestora letopista, Vol. VI.

2) Synodyk of the Kiev Cathedral of St. Sophia, edited by I. Kamanin in Kievskaya Starina, 1895, vol. IX.

3) Pomyannyk of St. Michael's Zolotoverkhyi Monastery in Kiev (sixteenth-seventeenth century) which has an interesting introduction "Ob obnovlenii zapustelago Mezhygorskago monastyra," (About the Renovation of the Neglected Mezhyhorsky Monastery) by Abbot Athanasius, 1599‑1612. This pomyannyk includes the names of several Hetmans, colonels, cossacks, and plain citizens. It was published in Chteniya obshchestva Nestora letopista, 1903‑1904, vol. XVII.

4) Pomyannyk of the Kiev "Pustynnyi" Cathedral of St. Nicholas, edited by V. Shcherbyna in Kievskaya Starina, 1895, vol. XII.

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