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This webpage reproduces a section of
Star Names
Their Lore and Meaning

Richard Hinckley Allen

as reprinted
in the Dover edition, 1963

The text is in the public domain.

This page has been carefully proofread
and I believe it to be free of errors.
If you find a mistake though,
please let me know!

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 p372  Sculptor,

as it is now generally known, was formed by La Caille from stars between Cetus and Phoenix. He called it l'Atelier du Sculpteur, the Sculptor's Studio or Workshop, which Burritt and others have changed to Officina Sculptoria, or occasionally Apparatus Sculptoris. The Italians say Scultore, and the Germans Bildhauerwerkstätte, — Bode's Bildhauer Werkstadt.

It is an inconspicuous figure, but contains the intensely scarlet variable R, one of the most brilliantly colored stars in the heavens, with a period of variability from 5.8 to about 7.7 in 207 days.

The constellation culminates with the bright star of the Phoenix on the 17th of November, and is visible from the latitude of New York City.

Gould catalogues 131 stars, from 4.2 to 7th magnitudes.

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