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This webpage reproduces a section of
Star Names
Their Lore and Meaning

Richard Hinckley Allen

as reprinted
in the Dover edition, 1963

The text is in the public domain.

This page has been carefully proofread
and I believe it to be free of errors.
If you find a mistake though,
please let me know!

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 p414  Telescopium, or Tubus Astronomicus,

was formed by La Caille between Ara and Sagittarius on the edge of the Milky Way, but in such irregular form that it encroached upon four of the old constellations; η Sagittarii having been taken as β to mark the Telescope's stand; d Ophiuchi for its θ; σ was in Corona Australis; and γ was the υ of Scorpio. Bode had it in his Gestirne of 1805 as the Astronomische Fernrohr, crowding it in between Sagittarius and Scorpio; but Baily and Gould restricted it to the south of Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Corona Australis.

Gould assigned to it 87 naked-eye stars, the brightest a 3½‑magnitude.

Small as these are, two bore individual titles in Chinese astronomy; α being known as We, Danger; and γ as the mythological Chuen Shwo.

The constellation culminates on the 13th of August, at the same time as Wega of the Lyre.

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