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Catholic History

[image ALT: A small semicircular alcove inside a building, painted with four vertical rectangular panels each depicting two standing men. All are haloed and six are garbed as Catholic priests. Between each pair of wall paintings, a much smaller vertical rectangular stained glass window; beneath the entire composition, an inscription reading 'TE MARTYRUM CANDIDATUS LAUDAT EXERCITUS'. The alcove is supported by variegated marble paneling, and two wooden prie-dieu are symmetrically positioned in front of it. It is the Chapel of the Jesuit Martyrs in the Church of the Madonna della Strada in Chicago, Illinois.]

Most of the specifically Catholic material on my site relates to the history of the United States. The portal is American Catholic History: it collects biographies of James Cardinal Gibbons, Fr. Charles Nerinckx, and Fr. Emil Kapaun as well as a history of the Cistercian abbey of New Melleray and a number of journal articles on various subjects.

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The Liber Pontificalis Ecclesiae Ravennatis — the Book of the Bishops of Ravenna — was written in the ninth century by Agnellus, a priest of the diocese: it has been described in the Catholic Encyclopedia as "a unique and rich source of information concerning the buildings, inscriptions, manners, and religious customs of Ravenna in the ninth century". In Latin.

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[image ALT: The tiara and the keys of the Pope. The image serves as the icon thruout my site for the book 'La Papauté' by Fr. Fernand Mourret.]

La Papauté, by the Sulpician historian and educator Fr. Fernand Mourret: a work of Catholic apologetics tracing the history of the papacy in support of its universality, primacy, and infallibility, a key factor of our modern civilization. In French.

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Among my pages on Umbrian churches, the church of S. Michele in Cannaiola is in fact mostly given over to a fair biographical sketch of the Blessed Pietro Bonilli, founder of several Catholic charitable institutions.

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From time to time I'll also be adding a few journal articles and similar material. Here are the first:

from Moroni's Dizionario di Erudizione Storico-Ecclesiastica: Kaminieck Zytomir

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