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What is the copyright status of this item?

Some images and text were created by me:

I therefore had the choice of reserving my rights or not; and, in general, I did. Here is the legalese:

Copyright Notice

All material on this site not covered by other copyright and not explicitly marked as public domain is

copyright © William P. Thayer

the year being that of the last update.

If you would like to include any material on this site on your website or in printed material for sale, just drop me a line, and be sure to tell me what use you hope to make of it. I may be able to provide you better material (e.g.: related items that do not appear on my site, or in some cases professional-quality photographs).

Some images and text were created by others:

Text is credited and marked with the appropriate copyright notice, if any.
Images created by others include 1 or 2 asterisks * right before the final ".jpg" or ".gif" of their URL.

1 asterisk  *: the text or image is in the public domain.
2 asterisks **: the text or image is copyright and reproduced by permission. Images will additionally be credited and marked copyright. If you wish to reproduce them, you must request permission, not from me but from the copyright owner.

[image ALT: missingALT.] The covers of books are reproduced without permission, by way of fair use; clicking on such images will lead to you a mini-review of the book, which will also contain the copyright information.

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Also by way of fair use, images from other sites have been used without permission, for the sole purposes of linking to those sites. These images exist on my own site only as thumbnails. This one for example leads to a wonderful site on, would you believe it, Roman Britain.

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