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Tips About Links On This Site

In roaming the Web, one of the things I soon discovered was that most links, I don't want to click on — but nobody tells me: a bare link to click on is often an invitation to waste some time. Gosh, wouldn't it be nice if I could know what I was getting into before I clicked.

When came time to design my own site, I remembered that, and I provide you with a bit of preliminary info, in one of two ways:

1. Before you actually click on the link, you can read a bit about it. Before clicking wildly, hover half a second over the link: a box prompt will almost always appear, that tells you

a. whether the link opens in the same window or another window; often enough readers, especially those with ill-designed browsers and who at the same time are not used to the Web yet, see nothing happen when they click on a link — when it has opened in a second window behind the current one.

b. sometimes, further details: what language the page is in (you may not want to go to a page in Latin or German, for example), whether there is a little or a lot of information, whether there are photographs or further links, etc.

2. In addition, for thumbnail-type links, like those in the navigation bar at the foot of (almost all) my pages, the thickness of the border shows you how important the link is:

There is a big difference, for example,
between and
or between and

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